Building Next Generation Leaders In Construction

Setting High Standards in Career Technical Education

At Dynamic Career Technical Education in Southern California, we care about the future of today’s youth. By bringing them the right guidance and instruction, we help your school create and prepare the next generation of leaders in the building and construction industry.

Services We Offer

Dynamic Carrear Technical Educations

Teach the Classes

CTE credentialed teachers come to your school(s) and provide hands-on RCC instruction.
This includes not just driving nails and soldering pipe, but covers instruction in:

  • Construction Math
  • Bidding
  • Building Codes
  • Interpreting Architectural Plans

Educate the Teachers

We have intensive courses for teachers who are interested in teaching the RCC pathway. They will learn the essentials of the building trades, and when the new school year comes, they will be ready to show the students how to build!

Dynamic Carrear Technical Educations
Dynamic Carrear Technical Educations


Our courses are aligned with California CTE Model Standards and are compliant with Perkins Grant. The RCC pathway is a two-year program that includes introductory and concentrator courses. The curriculum is fully developed with:

  • Course Outlines
  • Syllabi
  • Lesson Plans
  • Assessments
  • A Complete Set of Building Plans


This is a combination of an apprenticeship and an internship:
A critical part of CTE is getting students out of school and into the workplace. That is why we are proactive in the communities as we seek partnerships with local businesses.

Dynamic Carrear Technical Educations